The list of tectonic plates consists proved and proposed tectonic plates of the Earth. Plates which do not longer exist are not listed.

Name Area in
African Plate[2]
(Nubian plate)
(also Africa Plate)
1.44065 Continent of Africa west of the East African Rift Valley
Aegean Sea Plate[3] 0.00793 Peloponnes, Aegean islands, west coast of Anatolia
Altiplano Plate[4] 0.02050 southern Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile
Amur Plate[5] 0.13066 southeastern Russia east of Lake Baykal, Manjuria, Korea, western main islands of Japan
Anatolian Plate[3]
(also Anatolia Plate)
0.01418 Anatolia except north and west coast, northern Cyprus
Antarctic Plate[2] 1.43268 Antarctica, southern Pacific Ocean, most of the Southern Ocean
Arabic Plate[2] 0.12082 Orient south of Taurus and Zagros mountains, Arabian peninsula
Australian Plate[2]
(also Australia Plate)
1.13294 Australia, parts of New Zealand, southern half of New Guinea, southern Indian Ocean as far as west of Sumatra
Balmoral Reef Plate[1] 0.00481 northern part of Fiji
Banda Sea Plate[6] 0.01715 southern half of Sulawesi, Banda Sea, Ambon (Indonesia)
Bird's Head Plate[1] 0.01295 Vogelkop peninsula, Halmahera (Indonesia)
Burma Plate[7] 0.01270 Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, northern tip of Sumatra
Caribbean Plate[8] 0.07304 Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Antilles except for Cuba
Caroline Plate[9] 0.03765 Palau, western Carolines (Micronesia)
Cocos Plate[2] 0.07223 Pacific Ocean offshore Mesoamerica
Conway Reef Plate[1] 0.00356 southern part of Fiji
Easter Island Plate[10] 0.00411 Pacific Ocean west of Easter Island
Eurasian Plate[2]
(also Eurasia Plate)
1.19630 nearly all of Eurasia, except for Anatolia, the Orient, the Arabian peninsula, India, South East Asia and eastern Siberia
Futuna Plate[1] 0.00079 Pacific Ocean around Wallis and Futuna
Galapagos Plate[11] 0.00036 Pacific Ocean around the Galápagos archipelago
Indian Plate[2]
(also India Plate)
0.30637 India, Sri Lanka, northern Indian Ocean
Juan de Fuca Plate[12] 0.00632 Pacific Ocean offshore Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia
Juan Fernandez Plate[13] 0.00241 Pacific Ocean south of Easter Island
Kermadec Plate[1] 0.01245 eastern half of North Island (New Zealand), Kermadec Islands
Manus Plate[14] 0.00020 Pacific Ocean south of Lavongai (Papua New Guinea)
Maoke Plate[1] 0.00284 northwestern part of New Guinea without the Vogelkop peninsula
Mariana Plate[1] 0.01037 Mariana islands (western Pacific Ocean)
Molucca Sea Plate[6] 0.01030 northern half of Sulawesi, Buru, Molucca Sea (Indonesia)
Nazca Plate[2] 0.39669 Pacific Ocean between Easter Island and South America
New Hebrides Plate[1] 0.01585 New Hebrides (western Pacific Ocean)
Niuafo'ou Plate[15] 0.00306 Pacific Ocean northwest of Tonga
North American Plate[2]
(also North America Plate)
1.36559 North America including Mexico and Guatemala, northeastern Siberia, Cuba, western Iceland
North Andes Plate[16] 0.02394 Columbia, Ecuador
North Bismarck Plate[17] 0.00956 Bismarck archipelago except for New Britain
Okhotsk Plate[18] 0.07482 Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands, northern main islands of Japan
Okinawa Plate[1] 0.00802 Ryukyu Islands, northern tip of Formosa
Panama Plate[19] 0.00674 Panama, Costa Rica
Pacific Plate[1] 2.57685 Pacific Ocean west of Easter Island, except for the western edges
Philippine Sea Plate[9] 0.13409 Philippine Sea
Rivera Plate[20] 0.00249 Pacific Ocean offshore Jalisco (Mexico)
Salomon Sea Plate[1] 0.00317 Salomon Sea (western Pacific Ocean)
Sandwich Plate[21] 0.00454 Southern Ocean west of the South Sandwich Islands
Scotia Plate[21] 0.04190 Southern Ocean from Drake Passage to west of the South Sandwich Islands
Shetland Plate[1]
0.00178 South Shetland Islands (Southern Ocean)
Somalia Plate[22] 0.47192 Africa east of the East African Rift Valley, Madagascar, western Indian Ocean
South American Plate[2]
(also South America Plate)
1.03045 South America except for Columbia, Ecuador, southern Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile
South Bismarck Plate[23] 0.00762 New Britain, coast of New Guinea west of New Britain
Sunda Plate[6] 0.21967 Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sumbawa, South East Asia
Timor Plate[1] 0.00870 Flores, Sumba, Timor islands
Tonga Plate[15] 0.00625 Tonga
Woodlark Plate[17] 0.01116 central part of New Guinea
Yangtze Plate[5] 0.05425 southeastern China
Tectonic plates boundaries detailed-en

Map of the tectonic plates after Bird 2003[1]. Arrows mark the direction of movement of the plates and their velocity in millimeters per year relative to the African Plate.

Other plates Edit

  • The southern tip of the Juan de Fuca Plate is often considered a separate plate, called Gorda Plate. The northern tip of the Juan de Fuca Plate is sometimes considered to be the separate Explorer Plate.[24][25]
  • A part of the Eurasian Plate is named Apulian Plate, a part of which is sometimes again separated as Adriatic Plate.[26] The Adriatic Plate consists of northeastern Italy, the northern Adriatic Sea and parts of the (main) Alps and the Dinaric Alps. The Apulian Plate also includes southern Italy, the southern Adriatic and parts of Sicily Island.

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