Country: United States
Date (local): October 17, 1989, 17:04:15
Date (UTC): Oct. 18, 00:04:15
Magnitude: 6.9 Mw
Max. Intensity:[1] VIII
Depth: 18 km
Epicenter coordinates: 37.04°N, 121.88°W
Epicenter location: near Loma Prieta mountain, Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, California
Type: transformation fault
regions affected:
California (USA)
Tectonic plates: Pacific Plate, North American Plate
Casualties: 63[2]
  1. This information is based on an automatic estimation by the PAGER system and is sometimes not updated when the magnitude of the earthquake is updated. It might therefore be not correct.
  2. "Profile of mortality from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake using coroner and medical examiner reports.". Disasters. (1994-06). Retrieved on 2006-10-17.